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Phone: (910) 333-6689  | E-Mail: | Locations: Chicago and San Diego





DeNovX Initiates Strategic R&D Collaboration with Scientists at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Operated by Stanford University

DeNovX is pleased to announce that it has executed a collaborative agreement to advance the development of high throughput compressive cocrystallization with detection by synchrotron powder X-ray diffraction with SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, which is operated by Stanford University for the Department of Energy. This effort targets improvements to the solubility and bioavailability of active pharmaceutical ingredients, and it is sponsored by the National Institutes of Health through a Phase II SBIR award to DeNovX.

March 22, 2021|News|

DeNovX Expands its Strategic Partnerships to Include the Advanced Photon Source at Argonne National Laboratory, Operated by The University of Chicago

As part of a Phase II SBIR award from the National Institutes of Health to DeNovX, a strategic partnership has been formalized between DeNovX and the X-ray Sciences Division at Argonne National Laboratory, which is operated by The University of Chicago for the United States Department of Energy. The goal of this work is to improve the solubility and bioavailability of small molecule active pharmaceutical ingredients and cocrystals by developing new high throughput screening discovery techniques that can fully leverage the analytical capabilities of synchrotron X-ray powder diffraction.

October 16, 2020|News|

DeNovX Establishes Strategic R&D Collaboration with Scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

In March of this year, DeNovX and MIT finalized details of a collaborative agreement to continue development of patented continuous flow crystallization methods. This effort is sponsored by the National Institutes of Health through a Phase II SBIR award to DeNovX, and the work seeks to improve manufacturing-scale crystallization of pharmaceuticals by leveraging the unparalleled efficiency and safety advantages of continuous flow manufacturing.

October 9, 2019|News|

Patents on DeNovX’s Company-Owned Nucleation Surfaces Granted in Europe and Canada

DeNovX has received the exciting news that its company-owned patents for improving crystallization using engineered nucleation features have been granted by the European and Canadian patent offices. These patents add to the already issued patents in the US and Japan (below), signalling broad coverage in those jurisdictions in which crystallization is an important process in the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, agricultural, fine chemical, and bioengineering fields that stand to benefit from these crystal nucleation technologies

September 18, 2019|News|

DeNovX Scientists Busy Presenting Results at International Science Conferences

DeNovX scientists have been busy this year presenting their research showing improvements in crystallization outcomes for proteins and small molecule active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). Presentations at the 2018 and 2019 American Crystallographic Association meetings highlighted protein crystallization trials using the company's surface science approach to improving crystallization along with a unique report on continuous flow manufacturing using an antisolvent crystallization system. DeNovX Co-founder Andrew Bond also delivered presentations at the Spring and Fall American Chemical Society meetings highlighting batch crystallization results for proteins and small molecule APIs that consistently showed improvements in crystallization hit rates and onset times. As part [...]

August 29, 2019|News|

DeNovX Scientists Complete their Fourth Data Collection Campaign at the Advanced Photon Source

DeNovX completed four data collection campaigns at the Advanced Photon Source at Argonne National Laboratory in 2018. A three person team of DeNovX scientists set an internal productivity record by mounting on site and delivering 94 protein crystals to the X-ray beam yielding a total of 72 full data sets for crystal quality studies - all in just 17.9 hours!

November 27, 2018|News|

Japan Patent Number 6414938 B2 Issues on DeNovX’s Platform for Improving Crystallization of Pharmaceuticals and Proteins

This Japanese patent is the follow on to issued US patent number 9,193,664 that covers new and more efficient methods of improving crystallization outcomes for compounds used in the food, pharmaceutical, medical nutrition, nutraceutical, cosmetic, agricultural, fine chemicals, and bioengineering fields. Early adopters in pharmaceutical R&D and specialty Contract Research Organizations (CROs) stand to benefit substantially as the crystallization of small molecule Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) remains a challenging early step in drug development.

October 31, 2018|News|
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