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DeNovX Featured in University Technology Park Summer Newsletter

Posted 9/7/2016

DeNovX's pharmaceutical technology platform and drug development activities were featured in Illinois Tech's University Technology Park Summer Newsletter. Click here to learn more about how DeNovX is addressing unmet needs in pharmaceutical development and inflammatory bowel diseases.

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DeNovX to Study Pharmaceutical Co-Crystals Using Patented Crystallization Methods and Funding from the NIH

Posted 5/1/2016

The National Institutes of Health have awarded DeNovX a Phase I SBIR grant of $311,500 to apply its innovative, patented crystallization technologies to the discovery and characterization of co-crystalline materials. Co-crystals are a combination of two or more different compounds (i.e., the "co-") that crystallize individually into a single crystalline material (i.e., the "crystal"). This definition is evolving and remains a bit cumbersome, but the applications of co-crystalline materials are exciting and broad, with several co-crystalline pharmaceuticals already approved for use. The promise of co-crystals lay in

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National Institutes of Health Awards Second Grant to DeNovX

Posted 3/25/2016

On March 24, 2016 the NIH awarded DeNovX its second Phase I grant of $225,000 to advance the company's patented flow crystallization technology, which is under exclusive license from Illinois Institute of Technology.  The work targets the development of more cost effective and efficient methods of manufacturing crystalline pharmaceuticals that may help to overcome shortages of therapeutic drugs.  Hundreds of times each year, life-saving pharmaceuticals encounter a lack of availability, or drug shortage, which is most often attributed to quality control issues, manufacturing problems, and 

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USF and DeNovX Issue Press Release Announcing Exclusive License to Pure, Crystalline EGCg for Pharmaceutical and Nutritional Uses

Posted 12/9/2015

Read the press release here.

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DeNovX Patent 9,193,664 Issues After "First Action Allowance"

Posted 11/25/2015

DeNovX's first company-owned patent issued on November 24, 2015 in a comparatively rare "first action allowance" (i.e., no objections from USPTO).  The allowance took just under 18 months, well ahead of the 29 month average pendency for this group of examiners.  The patent covers new and more efficient methods of creating crystalline materials for use in the food, pharmaceutical, medical nutrition, nutraceutical, cosmetic, agricultural, fine chemicals, and bioengineering fields.

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DeNovX Opens Lab Facility in Chicago

Posted 2/23/2015

DeNovX has moved in to its newest lab facility in the Technology Park on the campus of Illinois Institute of Technology.  Completely renovated and opened in 2011, the laboratory facility is state of the art and will allow DeNovX to efficiently and safely commercialize its pharmaceutical discovery and manufacturing technologies-with room to grow when needed.

University Technology Park in ChicagoUniversity Technology Park in Chicago

Technology Business CenterTechnology Business CenterDeNovX lab facilities for crystallization developmentDeNovX lab facilities for crystallization development

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DeNovX Awarded Research Grant from the National Institutes of Health

Posted 1/12/2015

DeNovx was awarded a $224,000 Phase I Small Business Innovative Research grant from the National Institutes of Health to develop new approaches to improve protein crystallization success rates in support of structural biology. The role of structural biology in facilitating an understanding of biological function is well established, and advances in crystallization methods will assist researchers in overcoming crystallization as a major source of attrition in their investigative pipelines. 

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American Chemical Society Division of Small Chemical Business features DeNovX win at the Entrepreneur Showcase East

Posted 8/31/2014

DeNovX was featured in the summer newsletter for the ACS Division of Small Chemical Business in an article on the National Entrepreneur Showcase East, where DeNovX won the Best Pitch Award.  Read more on page 11 here.

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DeNovX Featured in BioLogical Quarterly-the trade publication for iBIO, the Illinois Biotechnology Industry Organization

Posted 6/24/2014

After receiving multiple grants and awards from iBIO's PROPEL program, DeNovX and their win at a national Best Pitch competition (see 4/10/2014 posting) were featured in the Summer edition of BioLogical Quarterly.  In reference to his experiences with the PROPEL mechanism and their staff, Dr. Andrew Bond commented that "PROPEL’s depth and quality of services, educational functions and networking opportunities make it a valuable resource for entrepreneurs that cannot be overlooked or understated."  To read more, see page 41 in the full issue.

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DeNovX Wins Best Pitch at ACS National Entrepreneur Showcase

Posted 4/10/2014

DeNovX, a Chicago-based life sciences company, won the Best Pitch award at the American Chemical Society's National Entrepreneur Showcase East on April 9, 2014 in Waltham, MA. Nineteen entrepreneurs from across the US delivered 12 minute pitches on their chemistry-related businesses, and the diverse group included both first-time and serial entrepreneurs.  Business opportunities in the fields of nanotechnology, cleantech, semiconductors, diagnostic tests,  

Andrew Bond (center) accepts ACS Best Pitch Award on behalf of DeNovXAndrew Bond (center) accepts ACS Best Pitch Award on behalf of DeNovX


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DeNovX Licenses Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Patent Estate

Posted 6/5/2013

Chicago, June 5, 2013 - Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) and DeNovX, LLC, an Illinois-based life sciences company, are pleased to announce that DeNovX has licensed from IIT five issued patents providing improved processing methods for pharmaceutical R&D and production.  The technologies involve breakthrough methods of forming crystalline materials of relevance to pharmaceutical manufacturing and were developed from research performed in the Department of

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