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DeNovX Scientists Busy Presenting Results at International Science Conferences

Posted 8/29/2019

DeNovX scientists have been busy this year presenting their research showing improvements in crystallization outcomes for proteins and small molecule active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). Presentations at the 2018 and 2019 American Crystallographic Association meetings highlighted protein crystallization trials using the company's surface science approach to improving crystallization along with a unique report on continuous flow manufacturing using an antisolvent crystallization system. DeNovX Co-founder Andrew Bond also delivered presentations at the Spring and Fall American Chemical Society meetings highlighting batch crystallization results for proteins and small molecule APIs that consistently showed improvements in crystallization hit rates and onset times. As part of a broad probe for function, results were also

presented in which batch crystallization studies were transitioned to continuous flow crystallization, which represents a significant challenge to the approach owing to differences in residence times (nucleation kinetics). In nearly all cases, improvements to crystallization outcomes were observed in one or more metrics and in no case were detrimental effects observed, which suggests that there is little risk in deploying these new crystallization approaches.