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DeNovX is ...

an innovative pharmaceutical technology company with crystallization platforms that make pharmaceutical development and discovery more efficient while creating new intellectual property for commercially relevant drugs.


Over 90% of pharmaceuticals contain crystalline materials, and control of the physical properties of these crystals is important to drug development, production, and use.  Our patented product platforms help innovator pharmaceutical companies, generics manufacturers, contract research Organizations (CROs), and R&D teams overcome the challenges of crystal form control.


Think Forward - to rational crystal screening and solid form controls.   





Control of the size, shape, and structure of crystalline active pharmaceuticals ingredients remains a challenge in R&D and production.

Screening Solutions



Screening with crystallization platforms based on self assembled monolayers (SAMs) is fast and mass efficient.

Manufacturing Services



Work with us to explore continuous crystallization processes that replace costly batch methods and give better control of crystal size distribution.