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creating innovative technology platforms that accelerate pharmaceutical development, structure-based drug design, and manufacturing. Through surface science modifications to the ubiquitous containers used in laboratories and manufacturing, DeNovX improves the formation of crystalline solids with slot-in products that fit existing workflows.


Approximately 90% of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) are crystalline, making DeNovX’s tools broadly relevant in reducing the risks of generating crystalline APIs. DeNovX's technologies have reproducibly given 50% reductions in crystallization onset times for various APIs, potentially saving 3-6 months in API solid form screening in a market for which R&D time reductions have tangible value.


Approximately 85% of protein crystallization trials do not produce crystals for structure-based drug design, resulting in millions of failed experiments annually for each high throughput screening facility. DeNovX has shown an average 3-fold increase in protein crystal generation in 40% less time, which could have a sustained and powerful impact on structure-based drug design.


DeNovX is also developing a patented antisolvent crystallization continuous flow manufacturing application for APis, and continuous manufacturing approaches could reduce pharmaceutical production costs by as much as 50%. Growing acceptance of continuous flow approaches is evidenced by the five FDA approved drugs that are manufactured by branded pharmaceutical companies using continuous flow methods.


DeNovX has a strong portfolio of issued patents and a growth engine that includes specialty crystallization products, custom services, manufacturing technologies, and licensing opportunities that can enhance the competitive position of customers from pharmaceutical, CRO/CMO, and life science products/services companies.


Think Forward -  to rational crystal form screening and solid form controls.