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DeNovX is ...

a pharmaceutical development company advancing a clinically de-risked drug asset, DNVX-078, for the treatment of mild-to-moderate ulcerative colitis (UC), with platform extension opportunities into other diseases.

Quick Facts

➢  What? Ulcerative colitis (UC) is a lifelong inflammatory disease in which 51% of patients fail the first-line therapy and are escalated to more costly and aggressive drugs that have significant side effects.


➢  Who cares? 1.3 million patients and their families in the G7 nations suffer from UC and its effects that include up to six stools/day, the constant urge to empty the bowels, and significant healthcare costs.


➢  Solution: DNVX-078 is an oral treatment and maintenance option for UC that is largely de-risked by positive Phase 1 toxicity studies, Phase 2A human efficacy studies, and issued composition of matter IP.


➢  Strategic Value: There are clinical effectiveness, side effect, and pricing gaps that are addressed by DNVX-078 as a pharmaceutical for UC in an environment in which the first-line therapy fails 51% of patients.


The increased probability of success for this opportunity is supported by clinical studies that have been performed by Roche, The National Cancer Institute, and the University of Louisville that demonstrate the active ingredient in DNVX-078 is safe and well tolerated at levels 2-4 times the target dosing range. As important, a double blind, placebo controlled Phase 2A clinical trial in UC patients non-responsive to the first-line therapy reported remission rates that are approximately twice the rate of currently marketed drugs.